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Sommers Campaign: Letter from Joe's Campaign Manager


Rick G. Winch
Fitchburg Resident and Business Owner
Campaign Manager for: Joseph Sommers for Supreme Court
Phone: (608) 663-5831

I have known Joe Sommers since he moved to Oregon, Wisconsin at the age of 16, was his roommate in college for a year, was the best man in his wedding, and came to admire his parents and family. I have grown to admire Joe and his wife Joan's commitment to each other which has flourished into a wonderful family of their own.

I know Joe to be a man of great courage, integrity, and conviction. I am convinced that, like Joe Sommers, the citizens of this state are smart enough to know that there are real problems with the legal system, that these problems are serious, and that they must be addressed. Unfortunately, while many in the legal system know it, they also know that to call attention to it would be the kiss of death professionally. That, I find quite sad.

I'm also convinced that the legal establishment would like nothing better than to have the issues discussed on simply go away. Citizens who spend even 10 minutes at this website will quickly understand why he is running and that he is no ordinary lawyer. Look at his bio. This is a highly skilled and successful defense attorney who has seen the problems first hand.

Finally, those who visit the website will see that Joe has five key attributes which are critical in a Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice: 1) a first rate mind; 2) common sense; 3) an understanding of the proper and critical role of the judiciary; 4) an unflinching commitment to justice for ordinary people; and 5) the guts to speak out.


Vote for Joe Sommers on February 20th and April 3rd.

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