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Statements From Supporters

"I became familiar with Joe Sommers roughly fifteen years ago when, as an advocate for the mentally ill, he was willing to pay a price in order to protect his clients from exploitation. Joe has a passion for justice and is committed to protecting the rights of all. That is exactly what is needed on our Wisconsin Supreme Court. I urge my fellow citizens to elect Joe Sommers."

Harvey Stower
Mayor of Amery, former Democratic State Assemblyman, and current member of State Land and Water Conservation Board

"Protecting Constitutional rights trumps any partisan concerns. Guaranteeing fair trials is more important than politics. I am supporting Joe Sommers for the Wisconsin Supreme Court because justice matters most of all."

Robert Lorge
attorney and former Republican candidate for Senator

"I have been a State Public Defender working out of Dane County for a period of time. Over the years, I have seen many defense attorneys and Joe Sommers is as dedicated and as justice-motivated as any I have seen. Because Joe Sommers is concerned foremost about justice and making sure that minorities, the poor, and everyone are treated fairly in our courts, I strongly endorse him for the Wisconsin Supreme Court."

Luis Cuevas
Dane County Public Defender

"I have known Joe Sommers for over 20 years. We worked together in running the men's homeless shelter in Madison. I know Joe Sommers to be a family man of great integrity and conviction. Joe has a proven history of caring about justice and being concerned about those who have been most marginalized in society. I wholeheartedly endorse him for the Wisconsin Supreme Court."

Salvador Carranza
President of Latinos United for Change and Advancement (LUCHA)

"I have known Joe Sommers for some time. I can personally attest to his honesty and integrity. Joe has proven his commitment to minority and indigent individuals. Joe is about justice. I am proud to call Joe my friend and I proudly endorse him for the Wisconsin Supreme Court."

James Hawk
Executive Director of ARISE Family Services

"I have known Joe Sommers for years as a rival on the softball diamond. Although a fierce competitor, I know he fights fair. I also know that the young men I have asked him to represent, he has to the fullest. I have seen Joe in action. He gives a damn about his clients and he also goes out of his way to keep his high-quality services affordable. He is a friend to the African American community. He is the very type of person we need on the Wisconsin Supreme Court."

Meritt Mapp
Executive Director AS/ONE (A non-profit for the purpose of turning around the lives of troubled youth)

"I have known Joe Sommers personally for more than fifteen years. His character is such that he stands up for what is right even at great sacrifice to himself. Joe Sommers believes that the rule of law applies to everyone, including those who run the legal system. He would do a lot to further a fair court system for Wisconsin. Joe Sommers will be a true public servant."

Bill Breisch
Resident of Madison, WI
Director of Instruction, Monona Grove School District

"I was wrongly convicted for a crime I did not commit. I was sentenced to 52 years in prison. My conviction was overturned by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, I received time served and walked out of prison after losing nearly 9 years of my life. I would still be in prison today if Joe Sommers hadn't made it his personal business that I receive justice. I know first hand that justice matters most of all to Joe. I hope and pray he is elected to the Wisconsin Supreme Court."

Joe Guerard

"We need to put common decency back into our legal system and we need to reclaim our courts for the people. A good way to get started is to elect Joe Sommers to the Wisconsin Supreme Court."

Ed Thompson
former Mayor of Tomah and former Gubernatorial Candidate

"Our son Adam is getting married this spring. If it wasn't for Joe Sommers this would not be happening. The Dane County District Attorney's Office subjected our family to a 3-1/2 year nightmare where they tried to convict Adam, by every means possible (including some criminal), of vehicular homicide. We cannot be grateful enough to Joe Sommers. His courage and commitment on Adam's behalf was truly inspirational. We hope that Wisconsin voters, like us, will have the opportunity to realize the type of man that Joe is. If they do, they will want him on the Wisconsin Supreme Court."

Owen and Darlene Raisbeck
Citizens and parents of Adam Raisbeck

"I know Joe Sommers to be someone with a burning desire to see that justice is done. I know Joe is not afraid to go to the mat for an innocent person. I know Joe is someone with integrity who will never compromise his principles. I know I'm voting for Joe Sommers for the Wisconsin Supreme Court."

Paul F.X. Schwartz
Dane County Defense Attorney

"I was the victim of a vindictive, sham prosecution. My case was eventually dismissed prior to trial. I was lucky that my attorney was Joe Sommers. Joe felt so strongly about my case, and what was happening to me, he refused (over my objection) to let me pay him. For a guy with a large family, that is quite a gesture. Joe Sommers is the type of person we need on the Wisconsin Supreme Court."

Jim Wickert

"Making sure that people receive a fair trial is not a partisan issue. Our courts should be primarily concerned with justice and serving the public. Joe Sommers is someone who has proven he has the courage and integrity to address the issues that need to be addressed. I wholeheartedly endorse Joe for the Wisconsin Supreme Court."

Stuart Seffern
Member of Burr Oaks Neighborhood Association, Park Street Partners, SMPC, & LPWI

Vote for Joe Sommers on February 20th and April 3rd.

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