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Corruption in Wisconsin Courts -- Supreme Court Candidate Speaks Out


Mitch Henck, one of the premier names in Wisconsin talk radio endorsed (on the air) Joe Sommers for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. This continues the trend transcending the political spectrum in realizing that our judicial system must be foremost about justice. The priority of justice appears to have little place in the campaigns of either Annette Ziegler or Linda Clifford. Both have shown no willingness to discuss the critical issues of: 1) the growing indifference to wrongful convictions; 2) prosecutors and judges acting above the law; 3) prosecutions commenced as favors; and 4) what is really behind ever-expanding litigation.

Unfortunately, much of the Wisconsin media appears like-minded. Those who want to find out what the media is withholding should visit Here you can learn, among other things:

  • How the Dane County DA's Office turned a traffic accident into a felony 21 months after the fact, to the benefit of Democratic Legislator Gary Hebl.
  • How the DOJ's decision to prosecute Nurse Julie Thao greatly impacted the civil litigation and was to the benefit of insider attorney Eric Farnsworth. And how the Wisconsin State Journal permitted itself to be used by Atty. Farnsworth (who is a regular advertiser) to mislead the public.
  • How the Wisconsin State Journal, The Capital Times, and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (all who continually promote Dane County District Attorney Brian Blanchard as "Mr. Ethics") have withheld from the public facts pertaining to DA Blanchard's Office commencing a prosecution on evidence it knew to be invalid, subordinating perjury, falsifying expert summaries and other (including criminal) misconduct.
  • How innocent defendants plead out every day in Wisconsin courts, and to how judges are permitted to get away with falsifying the record.

The Joseph Sommers For Supreme Court campaign challenges citizens, and especially those in the media, to have the courage to come to terms with what actually goes on in the Wisconsin courts.


Contact Information

Rick G. Winch
Fitchburg Resident and Business Owner
Campaign Manager for: Joseph Sommers for Supreme Court
Phone: (608) 663-5831

Vote for Joe Sommers on February 20th and April 3rd.

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